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The point of reference in the car world, for every motorist and enthusiast

Quattroruote was founded in 1956 thanks to the extraordinary intuition of Gianni Mazzocchi. Over the course of more than 50 years, Quattroruote has constantly updated itself and evolved, expanding beyond the magazine to include the website, the videos and content of QuattroruoteTV, the digital versions for tablets and smartphones, as well as the Vairano circuit and the numerous overseas editions and partnerships. This multimedia system enjoys total independence and competence, backing up the prestige and authoritativeness that distinguish the brand on an international level.


Since 1956 Quattroruote has been the most loved, read and authoritative motorcar magazine.
Every month, the magazine features previews and news from around the world, surveys, inquiries, road and track tests, price lists for new cars as well as quotations for used vehicles that have become a point of reference for the market.

  • Periodicity: monthly
  • Cover price: € 5,00

The benchmark website in the automotive sector for online information and mobility. News in real time, impressions, interviews, opinions, live reports from car shows, buyer’s guide and community..

Quattroruote for iPad

Quattroruote, the most loved and authoritative motoring magazine, is also available for iPad. The application features the digital version of the printed magazine. It can be consulted offline and is complete with photo galleries, videos from the online TV of Quattroruote, and live news from

Quattroruote iPhone and Android Edition

With the Quattroruote iPhone and Android Edition, the news and contents of Quattroruote are always at hand. The free application allows you to search, read, comment on and share car-related news and novelties. Furthermore, in the subscribers’ area, there are also road tests, photo galleries, videos and constantly updated price lists of new cars.


Completely integrated into the magazine’s website and free to view, the Web TV of Quattroruote offers a daily, weekly and monthly schedule of exclusive themed programmes produced by the editorial office.

“Flash” and “La Prova” are the spaces dedicated to the unfailing track and road tests; “Mondo Auto” is the car magazine for in-depth inquiries and curiosities; “L’Opinione” is the of the editor-in-chief Carlo Cavicchi with a focus on topical themes; “Quattroruote Lab” pauses to take an ironic look at marvels of the sector; while “C'era una volta” recounts the legends of the past, alternating with “Première” which anticipates the novelties of tomorrow.

Quattroruote Books

Quattroruote produces and edits a wide range of books – practical manuals as well as high-quality editions – dedicated to specific subjects concerning the world of motorcars. Guides, manuals, atlases and collections on the history of individual manufacturers (the “Passione Auto” series) or particularly significant models (the “Il meglio di Quattroruote” series) are just a few examples of the extraordinary variety of publications that Quattroruote has produced over the years, indicating the wealth of the contents and picture library maintained by Editoriale Domus and the Quattroruote editorial office.