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The point of reference for everyone who loves the mountains

Meridiani Montagne is the monographic two-monthly magazine on mountains and Alpine culture. After just a few years on the market, it became the absolute leader among magazines in its sector.

Meridiani Montagne passionately describes the most attractive and important peaks of the Alps, reporting on all the aspects of each destination: mountaineering, hiking, history, cinema, cuisine and books.

Meridiani Montagne

Each issue presents a destination with wide-ranging articles, journalistic reports featuring magnificent images by the most qualified mountain photographers, as well as scientific and cultural surveys. Space is also given to current news, with reports on the main stories from the world of mountains: events, cinema, literature, festivals, meetings, the environment and important dates. With every monographic issue, Meridiani Montagne offers its readers an exclusive highly detailed map on a scale of 1 : 50,000 – 1 : 25,000, showing all the routes, shelters and useful information for excursionists.
Meridiani Montagne: to know, imagine and experience the mountains.

  • Periodicity: bi-monthly
  • Cover price: € 7.50