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The treasure of authentic Italian cuisine

The Silver Spoon is the most influential and successful Italian cookbook. Originally published by Editoriale Domus in 1950, over the decades this bible of Italian cuisine has been revised nine times, with each new edition updated to reflect the changing demands of food enthusiasts, emerging culinary trends and technological evolutions in the kitchen. These qualities have made The Silver Spoon an international bestseller, with 2 million copies sold in Italy and over 1 million copies sold worldwide, translated into 9 languages.

Over the years, an integrated communication system has developed around The Silver Spoon’s brand, successfully combining authoritativeness and tradition with dynamism and innovation: numerous series of thematic volumes, a website dedicated to the world of food-and-wine connoisseurs, and a range of digital products for smartphones and tablets.

Il Cucchiaio d'Argento - Books

The 9th edition of Il Cucchiaio d'Argento: published in April 2011 with over 2,000 Italian recipes, 600 of which are brand new, the latest edition reinterprets the evolution of contemporary taste by updating the cookbook’s successful mix of comprehensiveness, clarity and straightforward layout.

Regional Cuisine: over 550 tasty recipes to describe Italy through its local flavours and traditions.

Christmas Parties: A sparkling volume featuring over 300 recipes ranging from traditional and up-to-date to the most avant-garde, all on the theme of “Christmas Parties”.

Quick Cuisine: a book full of ideas, tips, suggestions and tricks to prepare 250 quick recipes (from 10 to 45 minutes) without forgetting the fine flavours of tradition.

Il Cucchiaino d'Argento: from the experience of Il Cucchiaio d'Argento and with the consultancy of paediatricians and nutritionists, these two volumes contain over 200 recipes dedicated to kids from 0 to 10 years old.

The website is a transversal point of reference for food-and-wine professionals and enthusiasts. Starting from The Silver Spoon’s enormous wealth of recipes, the website branches out to cover a wide variety of themes connected to the world of gastronomy and wine: from novelties proposed by chefs and readers to food-and-wine itineraries; from the stories of leading figures to Italy’s best restaurants; from wine and beer producers to news and in-depth features with videos, interviews and reportage.
The website is updated daily with new recipes, reviews, tastings and topical news, offering highly interactive contents.