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The Track

The Vairano facility is Italy’s most comprehensive structure created to carry out testing, education and training activities for drivers of cars, off-road vehicles, heavy vehicles and motorcycles.

The structure is designed to operate with eight autonomous working areas: the High-Speed Straight, the North Curve, the South Curve, the Comfort Course, the Handling Circuit, the Paddock Area, the SafeDriving Area and the Off-Road Course.

With its High-Speed Straight, measuring 2 kilometres long and 15 metres wide, the facility is chosen by leading Formula 1 teams for their extensive aerodynamics testing and fine tuning.
The structure is home to the Test Centre of Quattroruote and Dueruote, which use Vairano’s circuit and attached workshops to carry out all the tests published in the magazines.

The facilities are designed in conformity with FIA and CSAI safety standards.