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Reading the present to write the future
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About Us

Due to a need for more space, in 1980 Editoriale Domus moved from the centre of Milan to Rozzano, on the outskirts of the regional capital, where it is still based today. The building and new spaces accommodating the editorial staff and offices were designed by the Nizzoli Architettura studio, whose project involved the extension and adaptation of a pre-existing structure.

G. Mario Oliveri, the architect who worked on the project, explains:
“The theme was very simple. It was all about increasing the office space to create new work areas. We could have completed the current single-storey comb-shaped layout, or place a three-storey building at the back between the two wings. The second solution was preferred. (…)
Two opposing architectures are at play in this building. One is ambiguous and romantic towards the garden, with a provocative and promotional facade, as befits a publishing house. In reality this architecture advertises itself on the exterior, while inside it echoes the employees’ desire for security and cosiness. In 1982 the problem arose of having to change the white sheet-metal facing of the pre-existing single-storey building, replacing it with a more durable material. Our playful design transformed the internal garden into a kind of scenery, with the addition of caryatids holding up a hypothetical architrave. On the entrance front, three seated figures welcome visitors.”